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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  May 13, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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ce. the billboard music awards. sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. in a tweet you said there might be tape recordings. >> i won't talk about that. all i want is comey to be honest. if the tapes exist it would be disturbing if they disappeared. >> the president has nothing fourth add. >> i talk about what's in my control and what is what is congress doing to solve people's problems. >> loyalty to the country, loyalty to the united states is important. >> this president needs to be impeached. >> no one, no one in this country is above the law.
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>> might be subject to an investigation. looks like an obstruction of justice. >> we don't have press conferences. >> you don't mean that. >> you know sean spicer. he's a wonderful human being. he's a nice man. >> any other questions. a whirlwind week is winding down. we have no idea. >> never know. >> goong id morning. i'm christi paul. >> victor blackwell. help wanted for the most controversial job in the world especially in washington and that's heading up the fbi and leading that investigation into russian meddling in last year's presidential election and possible collusion between president trump's campaign team and russia. >> sources tell cnn these four candidates are considered or are being considered to replace
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james comey. attorney general jeff sessions was supposed to recuse himself from anything russian related will lead those interviews. >> the president goes to war with the former fbi director, threatening him on twitter, hinting to have tapes of their dinner conversation potentially but there's a huge claim the president will not elaborate on. >> what about the idea that in a tweet you said that there might be taped recordings. >> i can't talk about that. i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be who nest. i hope he will be. i hope. >> meanwhile muted public reaction from the gop as democratic calls for a special prosecutor and even impeachment seems to grow louder this morning. >> the president is doubling down on that threat to former fbi directory james comey, even threatening to scrap his white house press briefings. >> reporter: president trump
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firing off an apparent threat to the oust fbi director. trump tweeting james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to frefre the press. the president is refusing to explain what tapes he was referring to. and whether he is secretly recording conversations in the white house. >> i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest and i hope he will be and i'm sure he will be. >> reporter: as comey was overseeing the investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia, he asked comey for assurances he wasn't under investigation. >> did you ask him? >> yes. i said if it's possible will you let me know, am i under investigation. he said you are not under investigation. >> reporter: those conversation which quickly raised ethical red flags coming twice in phone calls and once over dinner when
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trump says comey was vying to keep his job. >> dinner was arranged. i think he asked for the dinner. he wanted to stay on as the fbi head. i said, you know, i'll consider. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: a source close to comey disputes that account saying comey did not request the dinner and had been reassured by the president he would keep his job. during that dinner comey was and the aback when trump asked for a pledge of loyalty which comey refused to comply. as the white house tried to get their story straight. after administration officials initially said it was at the prompting of department of justice officials now trump said it was his call and says he was thinking about the russia investigation when he made the decision. >> in fact, when i decided to just do it i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story, it's an excuse by
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the democrats for having lost an election that they should have won. >> reporter: trump took to twitter to explain the discrepancy. as a vac negative president with lots of things happening it's not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy. since it is so difficult for the president's staff to keep up with him he floated another proposition on friday, doing away with those white house press briefings all together and instead the president doing his own press conferences himself. obviously a lot to dissect. other political commentator and sara westwood is with us. good morning, everybody. thank you for being here. let's listen real quickly to democratic senator mark warner as he talked about the importance of hearing from the former director comey. >> we just heard from the director that he's not able to make tuesday.
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it's my hope that we'll be able to find a time, i think it's really important that congress and more broadly the american people hear director comey's side of the story. >> in new reporting from the "new york times" says former fbi director comey is willing to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee but only if that hearing is public. do you aspect that to happen and do you expect to it be public? >> if it's not is going to be public, comey has already indicated it may not happen at all. if that's their only choice i imagine members of senate will take that opportunity unless and this is a big caveat unless they hear from the white house that they want comey to simply vanish, that they don't want him to disclose what went on in those conversation and they don't want him to tell what knees about what he can say publicly with regard to the investigation that's been going on. you know, there is clearly a
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desire by the white house to make comey go away. they literally did that by firing him. for him to now sort of reappear in public, i wouldn't be at all surprised if the white house conveyed its wishes to the senate leadership to let this matter drop. keep in mind this is the same senate that has to confirm his successor. they got a lot of different political considerations going on at the same time. >> how much does the general public care about this? >> obviously, the public cares more and more now that the white house has been unable to answer the central questions. if this was handled smoothly, if the white house and justice department had been prepared with consistent and reasonable explanations then i don't think this would have been a very big issue. obviously, comey's tenure at the department had been filled with controversy, democrats and republicans at all levels of government in washington pretty much universally agreed that
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comey had become too political to do his job at the fbi. it's just the way this was handled at the white house that has handed them such a blow and i think it's clear that comey is eager to set the record straight. you see sources close to comey speaking to many reporters, disputing the president's characterization of their dinner together, of their conversations about the russian investigation. it's pretty clear comey is eager to set the record straight himself and at a public congressional hearing would be the perfect format for him to do that. >> the president ruffled feathers and got attention this week, yesterday when he tweeted about, well, intimating there may be tapes that were recorded of those conversations. let's listen to senator dianne feinstein here talking about -- demanding that they need to -- i'm sorry. i'll tell you what he said. she said if president trump has recordings of conversations with fbi director comey that's a very
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serious matter particularly since he appears to be threatening the fbi director with their release. any recordings must be preserved by the white house. so based on what we've heard from the white house the reaction in the last 24 hours, press secretary spicer not commenting or elaborating on any of that will it take subpoena power, do you believe, to determine whether there are tapings? >> some of this was a little bit mysterious to me in the sense that, first of all, any recordings made must be preserved. that was a post-watergate reform act. any recordings made inside white house basically have to be preserved. the other thing that's worth keeping in mind is that the same communications specialist who make sure the president's communications are secure, his digital and audio communications, they also have the capacity to record all of his conversations, all of thinks phone conversations. and people should really assume as a matter of course that's
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exactly what happened. so i don't know that it's anything nefarious and it's not surprising white house would back off any notion he was doing some sort of nixonian taping. if the president is talking on the phone with anybody in the world you should basically assume it could be recorded. >> when the president is talking about this other tweet saying a very active president with lots of things happening it's not possible with my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy as he talked about spicer and huckabee. what's the disconnect between president trump and his communication staff that there isn't a more cohesive one sided explanation for all of these things? >> we don't know and i think the best explanation we heard is that the decision was made so quickly that the communication's
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team was not able to speak directly with the president beforehand and they weren't able to put together a strategy to deal with this before the truck was already rolling down the hill before this was already out there and then the press staff had to retroactively determine what they were going to say and there wasn't time for them to get ready for this. at the same time the communication's staff has occasionally answered questions with authority they weren't given by the president that occurred this week when press staff members said that unequivocally president trump had not already made the decision to remove the fbi director, he acted on the recommendation of the attorney general and then the president contradicted that 24 hours later and the press corps had to admit they didn't discuss that with the president. on both sides the president could keep his press staff
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better informed and press staff could deflect on questions that they don't know the answers to. >> thank you. right now a massive cyber attack that demands victims pay up. that's spreading in the u.s. the areas in orange here in the u.s. around the globe have all been affected by this ransoming software called want to cry. once a computer is infected a screen like this appears ordering use toers pay known get their files back. we go live to london with more. do they know who is responsible for this yet? >> reporter: they don't know who is responsible but authorities around the world are working around the clock to find out whether this was a gang of cyber criminals which is the theory they are leaning towards or whether or not this was state sponsored. one of the reasons why they believe perhaps it may not have been state sponsored is because of the breadth and pervasive nature of this attack. countries all the way from
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russia, ukraine, all the way to the other end of the planet to taiwan that have been affected and the fact this has spread through private and public networks of computers as well. what are we talking about here? we're talking about a virus called want to cry or a variation of that. essentially a malware that locks the files on a user's computer, encrypts them and demand a ransom paid in bit coin of about $300 to $600 to regain control of these files. in the meantime a clock ticks down and say they otherwise will be destroyed if you don't pay up. seems to be spreading through a weakness in the windows operating system one that was exploited by the nsa to take a look at people's computers. nsa was hacked and in fact a group made public this particular weakness in march. microsoft did update the software to try to put a patch on this flaw in the technology
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back in april but many places around the world and private companies haven't had time to roll out the update nuclear program has been very damaging not just for the private sector but the public sector. here in the united kingdom the national health service which is the public health service, very centralized data system that it relies on that has been taken off line in many cases, 260 hospital trusts have been affected and in many cases patients have had to have their operation cancelled and people been turned away from emergency departments. it's understood later on today the british government will have an emergency security meeting on this. what they are trying to determine is who is harvesting those bit coins because that could give people an idea of who could be behind this. >> this is a matter of life and death for those people in the hospitals with their records being held hostage. thank you. still to come, attorney generals from 20 states are
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3:20 am
again fral general say it's a violation of public trust and they want an independent counsel to investigate this. but deputy attorney general rod rosenstein sees no need for one. he's expected to brief senators sometime on this issue next week. joining us now to discuss washington, d.c. attorney general carl racin. mr. attorney general, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you signed this letter as one of the attorneys general there. let me ask you first, any confirmation thau atioation tha has been received? >> we have not received a response from the department of justice and making efforts to reach out direct try to them. >> there is this response that i just talked about that the deputy ag sees no need for an nt special investigation or probe right now at least not yet. what do you make of that? >> i respectfully disagree as do my colleagues at the democratic
3:21 am
attorney general's association. we're talking about a serious investigation. we're talking about the potential of meddling in a democratic presidential election. with the russians. what we need is a thorough investigation that doesn't have anything to do with politics or partisanship. the only way we can do this is to do what janet reno did many times during president clinton's tenure and that is go outside the department of justice, hire a special counsel, a special counsel not hired by the president or fired by fortunate. it's only that type of special counsel who can restore the public confidence in the justice system. >> so you say you want this investigation to happen without partisanship. what do you make of the relative silence from republicans and attorney generals like yourself. >> republicans have spoken. my colleague from massachusetts led the charge and got 19 of us to join in a letter.
3:22 am
i think the silence on the part of most republicans, both on the hill and certainly from my colleagues in the state ag world speaks of a level of partisanship, the kind of partisanship that will not get down to the facts and will not reach a full conclusion. that's why geena net reno during president clinton's tenure appointed eight independent and special counsel in order to ensure that the public could be confident in the result of an investigation. one more points, victor. jeff sessions when he was united states senator, he called for an independent counsel on several occasions and he's making -- he made the same argument that i'm making today. namely that an independent counsel is necessary when the president is being investigated. why? you need a lawyer who is not
3:23 am
subject to being replaced by the president of the united states. >> this is a statement from dick durbin. to preserve his reputation as a creditable prosecutor, rod rosenstein must appoint an independent prosecutor to pursue possible criminal charges or he must resign. do you go that far. senator dianne feinstein agrees he can't do the job if he does not appoint an independent special prosecutor. >> frankly i associate myself with senator durbin's remarks. i think he's exactly right. if you think about it, just a few days ago the white house would have all of us believe that the reason why former director comey was fired was because of an investigation the deputy attorney general rmade. we know that's not the case. we know president trump was going to fire comey no matter what and the cause was the russian investigation.
3:24 am
frankly, the deputy attorney general has a well earned reputation for honesty and integrity. i think in order for him to retain that reputation he must hire a special counsel. >> one more element. the president scratched a plan to visit the fbi according to sources that was scheduled to happen on friday important,ly because of ill feelings around comey's firing. y you are a member of the law enforcement community. how can the president mend this relationship with members of the fbi? >> well, it's clear that the only way to mend any kind of relationship in law enforcement is to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. stop obfuscating. stop lying. allow the fbi to conduct a full investigation under the jurisdiction of an independent counsel. >> washington, d.c. attorney general carl racin. thank you for being with us this morning. the white house taping system was supposed to have been
3:25 am
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the billboard music awards. sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. nice to have your company this morning at 6:29 on a saturday. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. a source in the justice department tells cnn that four candidates are in the running to replace james comey as fbi director. whoever gets the job will be in charge of leading that investigation into russian meddling in last year's presidential election and possible collusion between president trump's campaign team and russia. >> let's talk about president trump. he's not finished with the former fbi director issuing a thinly vaild threat on twitter to james comey.
3:30 am
he seems to indicate there are tapes of their dinner conversation, but in an interview on fox news the president refused to elaborate on what exactly he meant in this tweet. >> the president's threat to former director comey is now raising some new questions. is it possible for the white house to record certain conversations? and do any of the tapes really exist? here's cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: president trump's threat to his fired fbi director isn't subtle. quote james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. mr. trump tweeted. the white house denies it's a threat. but were any of the president's conversations with comey taped? >> i've talked to the president. the president has nothing fourth add on that. >> reporter: president trump say there were three conversation between him and his fbi director, two phone calls and one on one dinner they had at the white house on january 27th. press secretary sean spicer didn't answer when asked if there's capability at the twhous
3:31 am
tape those conversations. former white house staffers tell us the technical capability exists for the president to tape phone conversations. but that's different from a built in taping system used by presidents kennedy, johnson and nixon. among nixon's legendary recordings a 1972 oval office conversation on how to push back on the watergate investigation. >> play it tough. >> reporter: that white house taping system was shut down in the summer of 1973 at the height of the watergate scandal. >> the american people, the press or the media they didn't know anything about taping systems until alexander butterfield a white house aide in july of 1973 told the senate watergate committee, told the staff that there was a taping system. at that point richard nixon had the opportunity to destroy the tapes, he decided not to. >> reporter: as for the one on one dinner between trump and comey at the white house former
3:32 am
staffers tell us they don't know of any built in systems in the dining room to tape conversation. the president could bring in a recording device or have an aide take notes on the conversations but unlikely he would. could comey have taped the phone conversations on his end? we have no comment from fbi. officials tell us that would only be allowed if the president himself was under investigation which trump says he's not and if the fbi chief got a warrant to tape him. >> i cannot imagine that happening. the fbi director does not tape conversations with the president or members of the hill or staff members. i cannot see that happening. >> reporter: if there are any tapes of president trump and james comey recorded at the white house there's now significant pressure on mr. trump and his team to produce them. this letter we just obtained from top house democrats john conyers and elijah cummings, is calling on the white house to turn over copies of any recordings, emails, documents, any communications between
3:33 am
president trump and james comey on this matter. so far no comment from the white house on this letter. brian todd, cnn, washington. the letter you see brian holding there, conyers and cumming wros, it is a crime to intimidate or threaten any potential witness with the intent to influence, delay or prevent their official testimony. a lot of people are asking is this what happened here? joey jackson is with us. so good to have you with us. is there anything you've seen thus far that deutsch any obstruction of any kind? >> reporter: good morning. in a word, no. now having said that obviously there's the political fallout and the issue of whether it looks bad. yes it looks terrible. you have a situation where the fbi director is engaged in an investigation. that investigation includes you, mr. president. it includes your campaign and members who were surrogate to us and during the course of that investigation, particularly when there were reports that the fbi
3:34 am
director was looking for additional resources so as to expand that investigation and then all of a sudden you're fired. the political optics look terrible. does it rise or mount to a crime as it relates to an obstruction of justice. at this point i say no. the basis for that quite frankly and clearly there's so much other information that the president could have relied upon in making that firing, including the deputy attorney general's letter indicating all the missteps of the fbi director, you know, the fbi director is not the most noncontroversial figure so there was ample other basis for which the fbi director could have been terminated outside of simply he's getting close, he's getting close to russia, let's fire him now. so i don't think at this point absent other information, which we'll see it's a developing story but from what we know today i do not believe it rises to the level of a federal crime with regard to obstruction of justice or witness tampering.
3:35 am
>> because of that we have nine democrats at this point who are talking possible impeachment of the president. we can put them up on the screen. we'll see who they are including senator blumenthal, maxine waters. can you identify based on your last answer albeit no but can you identify that that warrant would -- that would warrant actual action? is it appropriate? is there the possibility of an impeachable offense here? >> well, not at this point. let me just say this. there has been a lot of discussion about how this may relate to watergate and you might remember under president nixon, you know, there were articles of impeachment that the house judiciary committee considered, if you get to that point. >> is that a fair comparison? >> what is that? >> is that a fair comparison? >> it's not. the house judiciary committee passed the articles one for obstruction of justice another for abusive power, another for contempt of congress.
3:36 am
the reason why i say it's not fair in the nixon case what happened is that you had the independent counsel, that is mr. cox say mr. president we understand there are tapes, we're sending you a subpoena, we want those tapes of the white house. we had a president who said no. as a matter of fact, i'm not sending the tapes. maybe i'll give you and edited version. we're not giving you the tapes at all and i want you fired. then what did nixon do? he told his attorney general to fire the independent counsel. richardson said no. he went to the deputy attorney general and said fire. he said no. then bork came in and did so. there was, there was a specific nexus between we're getting information, we're getting close to the president saying no and the president saying you know what? i'm going to fire you. here there's not that specific nexus, the connection. we just have some nebulous connection. but there was so much other
3:37 am
basis to fire comey. real quickly let's listen to the representative on the foreign affairs committee talking about the possibility of tapes, of taping any of these conversations. >> if i were the president, i would tape everything that is said around me and what i said because we know how sometimes things get misconstrued. whether president trump did or did not that's up to him and his white house, so that's a question they will have to answer. >> joey s-it a smart tactic to tape conversations? >> i mean, you know, it's a double edged sword remember that because there may be things typhoon that assist you significantly. there may be other things that harm you detrimentally. in making that decision you have to be mindful. clearly with the president's tweet talking about comey, better hope it wasn't taped. i mean essentially, you know, is he saying that there is, are tapes or is he otherwise just
3:38 am
trying to get comey to ensure he's telling the truth. but taping someone is always an enterprise which yes it can help you but also can bury you one day. that's something to be mindful of. >> joey jackson, and a clean shaven joey jackson. good to see you, sir. >> good to surprise you. >> clean shaven is over rated. >> you think? look at this. civil rights lawsuit in mississippi claims that law enforcement is targeting african-americans. >> people are treated as if they are guilty before proven innocent. >> claims of checkpoints, road blocks and decades of what they call living under siege. the all-new audi q5 is here.
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deputies are violating the civil rights of african-americans living in one mississippi county. the plaintiffs in this case say they were targeted for traffic stops and subjected to illegal searches and seizures. i went to the city of canton to talk with the people who say they've not only witnessed this injustice they are the victims of it. this cell phone video is a little blurry but she said she remembers the day a madison county mississippi sheriff's deputy choked her husband very clearly. >> i was fearful bath i couldn't believe. >> shade it was last june when sex deputies demand they write witness statements saying they watched a man break into a nearby apartment. manning said they didn't see anything. >> he didn't have the right a false witness statement. he beat him. drug him downstairs. i went along and wrote the statement because i was afraid of what would happen to me or my
3:44 am
husband. >> her husband was so badly beaten and scared he wrote one too. >> it's a permanent state of siege. >> this is the legal director of the aclu of mississippi. >> these types of stories are every where in this community but they are not special. they are simply particularly memorable. >> the sheriff's department doesn't treat everyone in madison county equally. according to the aclu, canton which is 75% black but represents 14% of the county's population accounted for nearly half of the arrests between may and september of last year. now the aclu is suing madison county. the sheriff and members of his department for violating the civil rights of the black people who live here citing among other claims the regular road blocks and checkpoints they are subjected to. nixon lives one canton. he says he's been stopped at road blocks in this small nourn than 20 times. >> it's going to be
3:45 am
predominantly in the black neighborhood rather than in the white neighborhood. >> sometimes these are plain-clothes deputies in unmarked cars on the side of the road. you have to pull over because somebody is flashing a flashlight in your face. >> people are treated as if they are guilty before proven innocent. >> although blacks account for 38% of the population county-wide between may and september last year the aclu citing document from the county calculates blacks represent the vast majority of road block arrests. during that same time, the aclu says whites who were stopped were more likely to be charged with dui or drug crimes. >> black arrestees are 300% more likely to be sitting in jail only for petty traffic related infraction like not wearing a seat belt or having a broken taillight. >> then there's the jump out
3:46 am
boys. they are plain-clothes deputies who target blacks for unreasonable searches and seizures including the home of a 62-year-old great-grandmother. >> these jump out boys pulled up to her backyard, two plain-clothes deputies get out, run up the patio to people are having a barbecue. they detain everybody. they search everybody including their pockets. when they can't find drugs they crawl around on the ground to look for those. when they can't find those they get back in their car and drive away. >> those claims are highlighted in the lawsuit. at that madison county sheriff's office didn't return our calls. in a statement the sheriff said our deputies are professional law enforcement officials who enforce mississippi laws. if a law is broken appropriate action is taken regardless of the race of the one breaking said law. as always, we have fairly and daily gently executed the duties for which we're required. >> everybody in the area, in the
3:47 am
black community has a story about madison county. >> people we spoke with said black have benatar gets for decades. despite fears of retaliation, manning said she wants a fairer future for her three sons. >> i just don't want my kids to grow afraid. i shouldn't have to go out and be scared every time i see the police. >> as part of the lawsuit the aclu is asking a judge to order monitoring for and training of madison county deputies plus damages for the victims. but above all they are asking for a community board to give people there in madison county oversight over the sheriff's department's policies. it's a long flight to europe and you're going to want to pay attention if you're heading that way because airlines are sending a warning to passengers carrying large electronic devices. guess what? they could be banned from the cabin soon. we'll have details for you in moments. largest, most-reliable
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all right. airlines are preparing for a massive expansion of the trump administration's electronic ban
3:52 am
which could soon be implemented on flights from europe to the usa. >> this roll out hasn't been nailed down but delta jumped the gun on friday telling flyers effective may 12th they could only carry cell phones on flights returning to the u.s.. here's more details. >> reporter: victor and christie, as the u.s. moves towards expanding its ban on all electronics larger than a cell phone from the main cabin of u.s. bound aircraft, airlines are in preparation mode. the department of homeland security is preparing to announce it will expand its electronics ban to europe. right now the ban is in place for flights from ten airports in eight muslim-majority countries. an expanded ban could impact more than 350 flights a day. the europe to u.s. track is the world's busiest international corridor. delta, united, american airlines are all of the u.s. carriers
3:53 am
that would be impacted the most. they have the most flights on this route. right now airlines are trying to figure out new protocols and policy for how to check passengers for compliance. they are working with international airports to reconfigure the set up to isolate passengers and flights bound for the u.s. dhs says that this ban was put into place because intelligence suggests that terrorists have perfected their ability to hide explosives in battery components of these electronics. now europeans, though, the officials there, they are voicing safety concerns that there will be a large number of electronic device with lithium-ion batteries in the cargo hold. but the faa say the dangers associated with these batteries are reduced because they are spread out in various bags and luggage and not stored together and on top of each other. thank you so much. up next the wizards say alive in
3:54 am
the nba playoff. last night's game went down the wire. we got highlights from washington.
3:55 am
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pandora expert. the one gift that speaks volumes, you'll both treasure forever. that's why he went to jared. pretty dramatic ending to the wizards playoff game. game seven on monday. >> christina fitzpatrick fill us in. >> if you went to bed early you missed a good one between a couple of teams that don't like each other. the celtics arrived for game six wearing all-black, addressing what they called the wizards funeral, little morbid. john wall and his washington teammates aren't dead yet.
3:59 am
the all-star point guard drains a three-pointer with less than for you seconds remaining for the go ahead basket. once the clock hit zero he jumped on top of the scorer's table to celebrate the victory. >> get on the scoring table is how much love i have for this city and my teammates and how much fight we have and never quitting. >> game seven in boston, we wouldn't want it any other way. >> game seven of the series is on monday and the winner will go on to face lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers in the eastern conference finals. to baseball we go. a scary moment during the diamo diamondbacks-pirates game. the pitch certificate shaken by the hit. ionetta walked off the field with a little bit of help and taken to the hospital to be checked out. arizona went on the win 11-4 on
4:00 am
the bright side. finally an all girls soccer team between ages of 12 and 14 in spain won their league title against all boys. after years of dominating the competition they joined the boys league in 2014 and have been doing a lot of celebrating. the team's coach said a referee once called them the princesses. they've come to the right field. how rude. three years later they won the championship breaking the stereotype in sports that girls can't keep up with boys. so let's hear it for threads. you know they went out and won. that's all you have to do in sports is demand that respect. that's what they did. >> be interesting how the boys talk about their loss there. all right. >> in a tweet you said there might be tape recordings. >> i won't talk about that. all i want is f


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